Coffee Commissary, Burbank

I remember when Coffee Commissary opened on Fairfax. I was instantly a fan but I don’t get to that area too often. Then I heard that they had opened a Burbank location which is closer to home, and much more convenient for me.

This shop is AMAZING! I love everything about it, from the details on the walls, to the whole vibe of the place. Plus, they also have really excellent pastries and sandwiches. Starting with the morning bun. Oh my gawd. It was PHENOMENAL.

Next was the breakfast sandwich which was served with a side of potatoes. This was fantastic.

And here is their chicken sandwich, also served with potatoes.

Coffee Commissary, Burbank was a great place to have a quick lunch. Not only do they have highly skilled champion baristas, but the food is excellent. I can’t wait to go back.

Coffee Commissary

3121 W Olive

Burbank, CA 91505


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